The Attorneys of David Ingram Law, APC have over 60 years experience in all areas of law, providing our clients with expert legal advice and representation.

Meet Our Attorneys

David Ingram

Managing Attorney

Mr. Ingram has practiced law in Los Angeles County, Ventura County, and the surrounding counties of Southern California for more than 30 years. He has a background that provides him with expertise in the three areas of life that have the greatest impact on clients’ lives: finance, medicine, and law. With this diverse background, he represents clients in all aspects of Family Law, including litigation, with a focus on financial matters, litigation, mediation, prenuptial agreements. Mr. Ingram has extensive experience with the preparation of estate plans including Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Health Directives. He also represents clients with Probate cases and Trust and Estate Litigation, as well as with civil matters, real property transactions, and personal injury cases.

Mr. Ingram began his professional career as an internal auditor with a major multinational bank. Mr. Ingram received the designation of Certified Internal Auditor during his banking employment. He audited virtually every type of financial institution including all departments of the bank and branches, finance companies, mortgage companies, mortgage banking, leasing which involved major assets such as commercial airplanes and ocean vessels, and venture capital. He was the Assistant Auditor with responsibility for the 11 Western States and performed financial audits in conjunction with the Big Eight Accounting firm who certified the bank’s annual report. With this experience, Mr. Ingram has significant expertise in all aspects of finance which is a real asset when clients have legal needs that involve financial transactions, and the division of assets and child and spousal support in Family Law Matters, for example. Mr. Ingram has prepared income tax returns for more than 50 years.

Robert B. Maxwell, II

Robert B. Maxwell, II has practiced family law in the Ventura County courts for more than four decades.

Mr. Maxwell was born and raised in Ventura County. He is proud to be married for 46 years to his beautiful wife Karen and their 3 grown children. His son, a “stay at home dad” with two children, a daughter who is a teacher with two children, and a daughter who as an attorney became one of the three Chiefs in the Public Defender’s office and now is a trial attorney in the District Attorney’s office.

An old school attorney, Mr. Maxwell prides himself not only in his excellent and knowledgeable representation of his clients, but his of personal communication with his clients, and to ensure their needs are met practically as well as legally. Often a client is committed to fight for something that is not in his or her best interests. Mr. Maxwell makes sure the client is aware of the pros and cons of his or her position.

Mr. Maxwell’s courtroom and negotiation skills were initially honed while he worked as an extern for the California Supreme Court under Justice William P. Clark, Jr. then, while he worked for his family’s law firm in Oxnard since 1977. His uncle Edward C. Maxwell started the law firm in about 1928. His father, R. Blinn Maxwell joined the law firm in 1948.

Mr. Maxwell is invariably quick to perceive strengths and weaknesses in an opponent’s case, and uses that knowledge to forge either a good settlement or favorable trial conditions. Above all, Mr. Maxwell values the individuality of his clients, and often works from morning until late evening in a dedicated quest to ensure his clients’ legal needs are met. His integrity, passed down from his father and his own faith, is beyond reproach.